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Cut crease is one of the newer trends in makeup – what is?

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Cut crease is one of the newer trends in makeup – what is?

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Cut crease is one of the newer trends in makeup – what is?

Cut crease makeup is the perfect option for an evening makeup, but not only. You can afford it going to a party with your friends, for family celebrations or corporate meeting. It is also a good choice for going to the cinema or theater. It can also be used every day eg. To work. Everything depends on our skill, how much time we can spend on make-up and an idea of ​​how we want to look.

It is worth noting that the cut crease makeup can be very powerful and expressive, but using bright, soft colors, you can do it with subtle makeup. The final result next skill, really determines our imagination. It’s the perfect makeup for people who like to experiment with their looks, and its additional advantage is the optical magnification of the eye.

Cut crease step by step

Cut crease makeup eyebrows from the start. First, we just them, giving them the right shape. We comb them first, and then emphasize the eyebrow color. The cut crease makeup they need to be much darker than the natural color. It is very important if we want to form a nice setting around the eye.

In the second step, cut crease pass to paint the upper eyelid. We start with the imposition of a base for makeup. Then we put in the shadow of the collapse of the eyelid. This will be the best color to black, navy, dark green or brown. The main thing that it was dark. Superimposed shadow rub a thin slanted brush. The next step in the cut crease, then applying another layer of shade. This time it is placed above the collapse of the eyelid, the eyebrow line.

On the lower eyelid crease to make the cut, the shadow is applied a lighter color and a much smaller quantity. Here, the excellent use shades of beige and mustard. The most important principle is exactly the crease cut rubbing shadow on the eyelid. Only after the painting of the lower eyelids, back to the top of the eye. An upper eyelid in its entirety a warm shade of paint, but so as to leave clearly pointed out previously unselected recess dark cosmetic. Makeup line complements rubbed dark color on the bottom of the upper eyelid and the thick line, which goes beyond the line of the eye. The cut crease makeup, traces the dash to the whole eye.

MAKEUP cut crease

Cut crease makeup effect can be emphasized by using a moving substrate, an upper eyelid of the eye rather than the base. However, and here you have to remember a few important principles. Priming begins on the lash line, and ends just above the collapse of the eyelid. Such a treatment with a closed eye gives the effect of a wave. You can also apply the primer only on the collapse of the eyelids. Then there will result a double cut crease. Additionally, you can highlight the eye using eg. Gold or red color, just above the line of eyeliner.

Thick line around the eyes we eyeliner. You can also use crayons, but the eyeliner is easier to use. Traces line after line of the upper eyelid and the lower right above or under the lash line. You can also make a dash for the water line, but it is a proposal for a more set into drawing lines, people. An important element of this makeup are also lighter left corners of the eyes. Do not reach them black line representing setting for the whole eye, or dark shadows, which is decorated with upper eyelid. The corners of the eye to be brighter.

Before you begin painting the lower eyelid, remember the earlier application equalizer. Especially if we have a problem with rings under her eyes and the shadows under them. After painting on the mask will be too late. This way you can quickly and easily spoil the whole effect cut crease. The final step in the cut crease makeup is a cover-up eyelashes. You can also paste an artificial eyelashes. At the end of dusts up all loose face powder.