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Holistic care under the supervision of ekspertki. Explore the beauty of prescription kosmetolożki Anna Grela

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Holistic care under the supervision of ekspertki. Explore the beauty of prescription kosmetolożki Anna Grela

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Holistic care under the supervision of ekspertki. Explore the beauty of prescription kosmetolożki Anna Grela

In times of worship cosmetics, paradoxically, more and more we have a chance to see that care is not just a skin cream. – Skin signals to us about what is happening inside. It is impossible to have a neat skin is not listening to what he says our body – explains Anna Grela, kosmetolożka, who in his study over the years practicing holistic methods of care.

However, we still routinely forget that facial skin is not a separate organ of our body, but an integral part of it. If something disturbing going on inside, likely you observe that looking in the mirror. – Therefore, it is important to look at your skin wide, take care of the good condition of the entire body – says Anna Grela and adds that a good complexion is the result of our overall health. But how does it work in practice?

Firstly, body awareness

The skin is the largest organ of our body, performing many diverse and important physiological functions Makeup, health, lifestyle. Therefore, one of the most important stages holistic consultation with Anna Grela is a thorough interview. It all boils down to healthy habits in life, but diagnosing the condition of the skin should be taken into account other factors, which do not always have an impact. – The general condition of the whole body, lifestyle, as well as medical history, medication, aging, aggressive external environment – by ekspertki should be aware that each individual affects how our skin functions. And thus our appearance.

– skin imperfections with which report to Me clients: blemishes, pimples, blackheads, irritation, dark circles under the eyes, eczema – have their source in the body – he explains. Therefore, it is important to look for the causes, rather than treating the symptoms. And this is the basis of holistic care, through which we can change our view of the needs of the skin. Also in the case of waking panic wrinkles. – Appearing on the face wrinkles connect with my clients over the years, and they are often the result of the weakened condition of the body – he adds.

How, then, to achieve awareness of their skin? According to Anna Grela key is to think long-term – we have one skin for life, and as we live longer, it is worth to care for her in such a way as to enjoy her well-being in adulthood also. Think about what the word means to you care?

Second, varied diet

The imperfections of the skin is a problem that increasingly applies to adults. As noted by Anna Grela, acne adulthood does not arise without reason. As the main factors threatening the formation of imperfections lists: highly processed food, excess sweets and dairy products, spicy foods, and alcohol. It also draws attention to the fact, to control any deficiencies in the body. Too low level of essential fatty acids, vitamins and trace elements can make you feel weakness and decline in immunity, but also notice the adverse effects on the face. Diet is an important food for your skin. What, therefore, advises an expert?

– Consider what prevails in your diet, what products or herself preparing meals or eating out? Pay attention to defecation and excretion of toxins, it is also important. Skin likes vegetables, especially the green, zimnotłoczone oils, cereal, fish, herbal teas, natural yoghurt, silage. Drink plenty of water, eat regular, small amounts and not too late.

Thirdly physical activity

Saying – in a healthy body, healthy mind – is still valid. According to Anna Grela, movement significantly supports skin health, because clients that appear in her cosmetology consultation on hot urged to regular activity. – During the exercise, off our mental tension and excrete toxins from the body – he argues. The topic of sport, also draws attention to the showering after a workout that despite appearances, can harm our skin, especially if you choose inappropriate cosmetics washing. – Do not use antibacterial gels, only gentle products – preferably based on natural lipids. If you do not have to immediately enter into the shower, wait an hour or two. In this way you restore the natural coat of water – lipid on the skin. This is especially important for people with dry, sensitive skin, reacts allergic to various products.

What kind of physical activity expert recommends the most? – I especially recommend Yoga, Massage that takes care of the internal organs of the abdominal cavity. After practice, I recommend liquid meals soups or smoothies. This improves digestion – explains the expert.

Fourth relaxation

Good and effective relaxation are nowadays true art, but according to Anna Grela we need just like food or air. Therefore, its recommended to clients find an appropriate form of relaxation for yourself. – This should be something that really gives you pleasure, do not be influenced fashion, do not force yourself to do anything. Your body needs relaxation care.

Proven and particularly recommended by the expert forms of relaxation are: full-body massages, swimming pool, sauna, yoga, meditation, walks fast, and even trips outside the city. Method, which supports the regeneration of the body is for Anna Grela accompanying therapy aromatherapy, but only natural. – It should help your body to regenerate caring about the smell in our homes, but not the synthetic and natural. Essential oils, incense, scented candles natural, in autumn – winter season perfectly prove themselves during the long evenings.

Fifth, show yourself a concern

The evening routine nursing is a necessary evil for you? It should change the attitude, because it’s the perfect time to show a concern. The secret is to enrich Anna Grela care about automasaż face. – At night, your body regenerates the skin and needs support in this direction – says the expert. Automasaż face is a method which promotes among its clients successfully, because the first effects can be seen immediately.

– By regularly massaging your skin and muscles are better supplied with blood, oxygenated, fed, and the active ingredients of skin care products work more efficiently – explains Anna Grela. But it is also a condition. If you decide to start practicing self-massage of the face, be sure to learn the proper technique. – Manufactured in accordance with art automasaż is an excellent natural therapy – to stimulate skin renewal and revitalization support. Your skin will produce more collagen and elastin, and thus look younger.

The benefits that come from regular massage of the face, adds Anna Grela eliminating lymphatic stasis – a common problem that is observed in their clients. They cause painful swelling and the formation of tumors appearing just before menstruation. The recipe in most cases turns out to be appropriately selected session of massage that stimulates lymph circulation.

Beautifying effects of massage have made the clients visiting the Warsaw office of Anna Grela zapragnęły to do it yourself at home. Therefore, in addition kosmetologicznymi consultation, it is the science of effective facial massage to her office attracts women who want to take care of your skin holistically. Lessons massage and holistic consultations are also available for people from outside Warsaw. Just sign up for an appointment online.

Anna Grela kosmetolożka with 25 years of professional experience. He is a supporter of the method of small steps care – regular and non-invasive skin to stimulate renewal in the long run brings better results. Conducting workshops and consultations on the daily routine of nursing, teaches clients how to take care of your skin at every stage of life to maintain a healthy and youthful appearance. His work reinforces zdobywanymi own experiences during the practice of yoga, meditation, holistic body work, healthy eating.