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How to hide the bra evening creation? View seven useful ways

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How to hide the bra evening creation? View seven useful ways

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How to hide the bra evening creation? View seven useful ways

How to hide a bra? Simple ways to bra was not visible under clothing

There is probably nothing worse than coming out from under the bra deep neckline and thin straps. This detail can ruin even the most beautiful creation. Trends change, but some principles are universal and never go out of fashion. One of them is that underwear should not be visible under clothing. It always looks bad. Or sloppily or provocatively. Probably important event do not want to embarrass yourself and include such’d rather to conceal a bra under her dress.

linen should not be visible under clothing

Several years ago, they enjoyed great popularity silicone straps. The idea was good, but unfortunately the effect of slightly differ from the plans. Although clear, however, they were visible and presented only a little better than ordinary straps. Fortunately, there are many other ways to hide bra.

1. How to hide a bra? Do not wear it at all

This is the easiest way to bra was not visible under clothing. Unfortunately, not all of us can benefit from this idea and certainly not every woman will feel comfortable without underwear. On the assumption dress without a bra can afford posiadaczki small, firm breasts. Even without underwear supporting them, they will look good. In the case of larger size bra is not only a matter of aesthetics, but also convenience. While posiadaczki very small breasts without bra may feel as if he did not have breasts.

2. How to hide a bra? Instead, select the creative sewn cups

The ideal solution to the bra was not visible, while breasts were maintained and nicely modeled. Looking for dresses or blouses choose models with sewn cups. You no longer have them wear a bra, but you feel and look like you have it. Moreover, it is ideally suited to a particular dress. This great solution if you are looking for before creation. Do not worry though, if you have already chosen a dress. Read on how to hide bra.

3. How to hide a bra? Choose a self-supporting bra

Self-supporting bra is actually the same bowl, which adhere perfectly to the body. This type of underwear is simply the perfect cut and fanciful creations. Supports the bust and at the same time does not have any straps or fasteners. Nothing protrudes or is characterized by the material. A great way to hide bra. A well-chosen for comfort, convenience and attractive appearance. At first you have doubts and do not trust this solution, but it is worth to overcome. Bra self-supporting one of the best ways to get rid of the problem protruding from the bra dresses.

4. How to hide a bra? Adjust it to the styling

The stores to choose from, we have many models of bras. They differ in shape and arrangement of straps. Sometimes, to get rid of the problem protruding from the bra dresses simply set up another. Strapless dresses will be the perfect type of strapless bras. They have been designed so well that hold the breast and does not move, but do not have straps. With the type of boxer blouses will be perfect bra clasp with a cross. Dresses or tops of the neckline, register the bodice reduced bridge (so-called bonding between the cups. Plunge). If you dream of creation with a rectangular neckline, select balconette bra or balkonetka. Low bowls will not protrude from under the clothes. One way to hide the bra, it is chosen depending on the desired styling.

Also remember that most bra should be smooth. Lace look lovely, but not when pierce through clothing. Also choose the color as close as possible to the color of creation. Exceptions are white outfits. At best not to wear flesh-colored bra.

And by the way, do you know why the wires come out of the bra? Contrary to popular belief, the most common cause is not poor quality bra. There should always also is not very gentle washing. Prickly underwire is often poorly chosen effect size, namely too small. Really. Then the weight of the breasts is distributed in such a way that it pushes underwire, which pierce the material.

5. How to hide a bra? Help a paper clip

If you do not have at hand the proper bra model, you can use the trick paper clip. This certainly have. Fasten the bra straps on the back, and the height of the blades. In this simple way, within seconds the blouse bodice hide boxer type.

If you will love this trick, you can instead use a paper clip office, buy a special clasp. You buy it in a good stationary lingerie stores or over the Internet. It costs pennies, looks nicer from the paper clip and saves the day, when you want to hide a bra under her blouse.

6. How to hide bra straps sliding down?

Straps that constantly fall is very common and annoying problem. Fortunately, you can solve it in a very easy way. Take two pairs of latches. No problems will buy them for pennies in a haberdashery. It should sew a button to the bra straps and the other to the inner side of the blouse. Then simply attach. Epic! Straps hold perfectly, nothing slips.

It must be remembered that sliding down straps are often caused by poorly selected or the wrong size bra adjustable. During normal use should not stubbornly slide. The problem of the continuous fall of the fastening straps to solve them on the cross on his back. Or already mentioned above, office paper clip.

7. How to hide a bra under her dress with a neckline at the back? Lower clasp

If your dream creation has a large neckline at the back, you have a big problem with the bra. Protruding spoil the whole effect. Fortunately, this can be easily remedied. Just lower the clasp. Instead of the shoulders, put on the lower back, under her dress. You need to be longer straps. If your bra does not have them, you have to buy wifewithstyle.