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Inverted washing hair. Try – the result will surprise you

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Inverted washing hair. Try – the result will surprise you

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Inverted washing hair. Try – the result will surprise you

Inverted washing your hair – what is?

Method inverted wash your hair otherwise nourish hair before they are cleared. It consists in the fact that in the first place on the hair (or the entire length of half of their length to ends) we use nutritional product, only then we wash the scalp shampoo. It is important that before applying the shampoo, conditioner do not rinse.

To better hair cosmetics worked and how much beneficial substances penetrated deep into the hair, you should follow a few rules.

  • Firstly, before applying the mask or conditioner, hair gently wettable
  • After the application of nutritional cosmetics, hair we put on the foil cap and towel – preferably heated (eg. On the radiator). With the higher temperature, the faster the hair scales spread apart, allowing nutrient substances to penetrate into the interior
  • The conditioner on the hair is left for approx. 30 minutes (not less than 20 minutes and not high than 2 hours).

The product may be a nutritional cosmetics rich compositions (eg MeToday. The mask), but also oils or prepared at home specifics of egg yolks, beer or honey.

After such surgery is better not to dry the hair dryer – let dry naturally.

Reverse hair washing – when you apply effects

This method is particularly recommended for hair rare, greasy, thin and prone to excessive incrimination.

When a reverse washing method, the hair will be fed, light tendency to frizz will be weaker. What’s more, it’s a good way to add volume to hair.

Inverted hair washing method should be used once – twice a week.

How to properly wash your hair – the most important principles

Each hair is washed and, at first glance, this action seems so trivial, such as hand washing. But it is worth to know or remember how to do it properly. Contrary to appearances, in fact, often just wash the hair wrong, and this translates into later on their appearance and condition. Here are five basic principles that you need to know.

  • Before washing the hair very thoroughly comb (not curly hair comb)
  • Moisten the hair with warm water – this is important: cold or hot water can weaken the hair roots
  • After applying cosmetic gently but thoroughly massage your scalp with your fingertips (approx. 2 – 3 minutes). Do not scratch, do not jerk, do not rub hard scalp – it can irritate and even destroy hair husk
  • Hair rinse with warm (but not hot) water
  • If the hair was very dirty, you can wash repeat