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Special care hair, a way for dry hair

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Special care hair, a way for dry hair

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Your hair is dry and you are wondering how to protect it from further drying? Avoid using strong styling agents and rebuild the hair’s fat layer. Check which care method is best for this.

What does it mean when my hair is dry?

When can you say your hair is dry? When they have an insufficient amount of water – a healthy hair has about 10% of it. The hair becomes dry when its fatty envelope is lost or damaged. The hair cuticles open up and the water in the cortex evaporates too quickly.

Is my hair dry?

How can I tell if you are affected by this issue? If your strands are coarse, brittle, dull, difficult to style, splitting, electrifying and tangling easily, then you have dry hair.

Why does the hair become dry?

There are several reasons: improper care, external factors, improper functioning of the sebaceous glands of the scalp (often as a result of earlier, improper care), genetics or a specific type of hair (e.g. curly hair is inherently more brittle, delicate and dry).

What about dry hair? Here is my cosmetic “must-have”
Is there one proven way to get dry hair? There is no. Successful, effective care is the application of several principles in parallel.

Use products designed for dry hair. I myself am the owner of dry and curly hair, and I am still looking for new solutions.

Shampoo, conditioners and masks for dry hair (for rinsing) and light conditioners or oils (without rinsing) are my must-haves for every wash.

Mask for dry hair
The mask is the perfect solution for very dry hair. I leave it on my hair longer, so the nutrients have time to penetrate deeper and strengthen the hair structure. My latest discovery is mango butter. Their high fatty acid content puts them high in the care of dry hair and skin. This butter is more and more often added to lotions, creams, it also appears in strongly regenerating masks for dry hair (I have recently found mango in a Klorane mask).

Oils for dry hair
I also use argan oil every week. I put it on half an hour before shampooing and then wash my hair twice to rinse it thoroughly. If you don’t wash off the oil well, your hair will be heavy, limp and prone to static. Argan oil can be found very often in nourishing masks for dry hair (eg Seboradin with cosmetic kerosene).

The oil must be selected according to the needs of your hair. Sometimes, before you find the best one, you have to try a few and compare the results. Currently, I use coconut oil without rinsing, because it moisturizes well, although the hair is slightly static. In the near future I am going to experiment with grape seed oil. It has strong moisturizing and nourishing properties and does not weigh the hair down. I read a lot of good reviews about him. Oils protect the hair and are recommended for the care of dry and dry hair. It is worth reaching for cosmetics that contain them.

Basic rules for the care of dry hair
How to protect your hair from harmful environmental influences?
Take care to protect your hair from the harmful effects of the environment (sun, salt water, wind, rain, temperature changes, chlorinated water in the pool). If you go to the pool, use a watertight shower cap to protect your hair from chlorine. After returning home, wash them and do not forget about proper care: first shampoo, then a mask for dry hair, and finally an oil or light conditioner without rinsing.

In summer, protect your hair from the sun and wear a hat or headscarf. Replace the cosmetics you use in fall and winter with those that protect against UV radiation. Such properties have, among others avocado oil (it can be found in L’Biotica Biovax masks) or sweet almond oil (it appears in Vichy Dercos masks).

How to comb dry hair?

Brush your hair gently, wet and after applying the conditioner. Dry hair is extremely susceptible to damage. They are less resistant, they can lose their shine, elasticity and regenerate worse later. Use a brush or comb designed for your hair type. This way you will avoid straining their structure or twist. Tangle Teezer brushes are ideal for delicately detangling hair (especially straight and wavy). Although I use it for curly hair, my barber recommends combs and brushes with long, widely spaced teeth.

How to style and style dry hair?

Avoid drying your hair with a dryer. If necessary, dry them with cold air. For curly hair, use a diffuser. However, it’s best to let them dry on their own. Beware of curling irons and straighteners, as they too dry your hair. Cosmetics intended for use before straightening only slightly reduce the effect of water evaporation from the hair shaft. Unfortunately, they will not make the high temperature no longer “feel” by them.

The less sebum – the weaker hair protection.

Give up waving, taping and strong styling agents – they can permanently damage not only the hair structure, but also the sebaceous glands of the scalp.

Head massage for dry hair – do it regularly!

What too much is not healthy. Give your hair a break from conditioners from time to time and go for a head massage. In this way, you will stimulate the circulation and work of the sebaceous glands. Give your hair a chance to hydrate naturally.

Keep track of your tics and don’t touch your hair too often when you are at work or college. Also, avoid scratching your head hard as you can damage your skin and wear away the protective layer of your hair.

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