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Straight bangs – to whom fit? Advise hair with straight bangs

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Straight bangs – to whom fit? Advise hair with straight bangs

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Straight bangs – to whom fit? Advise hair with straight bangs

Straight bangs hairstyle is often chosen for children. It looks lovely in both girls and boys. However, in adults bangs is a more complicated matter – you have to remember that most grzywek require installation. It is not a choice for those who do not want to spend much time getting ready everyday. What’s more, straight bangs does not fit all – important here it is primarily the shape of the face.

Straight bangs – face shape

What face shape looks good with straight bangs? There are several basic face shapes. This oblong shape (rectangle), square, oval and round. Each has its pros and cons, as well as matching and styling clash. Straight bangs is a characteristic design element that accentuates facial features and shape. Therefore decided bangs should be preceded by solid thoughtfully.

Straight bangs – for whom?

Who fits straight bangs? It depends on many factors. You have to have in mind that guidance on face shapes and match these types of hairstyles are approximate – it may happen that a seemingly mismatched designs will look phenomenal! A good idea is to test how it will look with bangs, in an application that allows imposition on our image any hairstyle.

It is widely accepted, however, that rather straight bangs is not for people with distinctive, angular features. Straight bangs in this case makes the face appear square, and features a more clumsy. Lord of the angular ( “square”) facial features, however, do not have to completely give up the fringe – a good choice for them may be, for example, diagonal bangs.

Straight bangs fits primarily those with a triangular face. The triangular shape is usually associated with a large forehead. Straight bangs slightly mask the highlight of his size and dainty chin.

Face’s long (longitudinal) can also blend into a simple fringe. Simple hairstyle with bangs make you face will not seem too long, shorten it visually, will cover a little too high forehead.

Bangs (particularly simple) may look bad on a very thin hair. Anyway, making it bangs “take” a large batch of hair. So there is a high risk that straight bangs make hairstyle will oklapnięta and uninteresting, and the hair will seem even thinner than before. Those with thinner hair may instead decide to go ahead or diagonal bangs to the side.

Straight bangs may irritate people who wear glasses. In such cases, better to opt either for short straight bangs, or bangs on the diagonal or sideways. Glasses bangs occurring on both mind and looks a bit messy.

Hairstyles with bangs straight

The installment of the classic straight bangs is composed of evenly beveled hair. It is the safest option that fits a variety of situations – both formal and informal. However, some women prefer a shaded hair with bangs. This hairstyle requires longer and more diligent west stacking. Hairstyles shaded with straight bangs work best on hair that are not very thin.

Bolder ladies can opt for hairstyles with short straight bangs. In conjunction with the short hair will resemble hairstyle Natalie Portman from the movie “Leon” or the role of Uma Thurman from “Pulp Fiction.” You have to remember, however, that gives a little swashbuckling, avant-garde and looku does not fit all styling.

Very short straight bangs so-called baby bangs. Made famous by Audrey Hepburn in the 60s of the twentieth century, returned to the good graces of 2,019 years. It decided to many celebrities. Such a simple hairstyle with bangs was seen in Emma Watson, Emma Rogers and Krysten Ritter.

Unfortunately, what it looks great on the catwalk and the red carpet, not always does a good job in everyday life. It is possible that bangs Very brief, which is very distinctive accent, we quickly get bored – and then you can not do much but wait until it grows back, which will take a few weeks; it can possibly lacerate, to slightly change the styling. Hairstyle with bangs extends baby face, so people who have elongated features, it should rather be avoided.

Straight bangs – how to cherish?

To bangs look nice and tidy, we need to properly care for her. The fact is that straight bangs a bad idea for people who appreciate instant preparing to leave. Bangs because often upcrumpled overnight. One solution is to simply wash it every day – you do not have to wash the whole head, just wash the hair and bound only bangs, and then the drying and shaping. It is worth remembering that greasy bangs faster and more clearly seen than in the rest of the hair, which is why daily cleaning or even splashing dry shampoo is recommended.

Products useful for laying the straight bangs, for example foams, waxes or varnishes. Straight bangs need to regularly cut it to preserved nice shape and entered the eyes. Warning! If you want to shorten the bangs yourself, do not do it the best wet. Undercutting bangs dry reduces the risk that shorten the hair more than we wanted.