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“Triangle of death” – never squeeze pimples in the area face

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“Triangle of death” – never squeeze pimples in the area face

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“Triangle of death” – never squeeze pimples in the area face

“Triangle of death” – critical place in our face

Stand before a mirror and try to draw a face on the triangle whose sides run from the corners of the upper lip to the top of the pyramid nose – it is the area known as the “triangle of death” Sounds scary and unfortunately there is not any exaggeration It turns out that any interference with pustules or pimples that appear in this place can lead to severe inflammation And these quickly spread to the inside of the skull

Thus, the seemingly harmless pimple on the nose or upper lip, if not healed properly, can lead to intracranial complications What? Eg Meningitis or spinal cavernous sinus thrombosis

A place where there are pimples says a lot about the cause of their occurrence

Single blemishes happen to any woman, and persistent acne is the bane of many of them The condition of the skin is affected by many factors – diet, lifestyle, and even air pollution and climate What’s more, the location of pimples is not without significance Analyzing where enemies appear, you can know the cause – and thus a method of combating them

Forehead and hairline

Pimples that appear on the forehead, the hairline, most often caused by physical activity During training wipes his face with his hands or a towel? Or you pulled over his forehead band material, retaining sweat? In this way, you distribute on the skin contamination, and rubbing – even with a clean towel – causes irritation Therefore, take care of it, in order to reduce friction and touching the face during a workout and immediately afterwards wash it thoroughly, not forgetting the sensitive area Also use regularly peels

Pimples in the T-zone is primarily due to pollution or climate Impurities floating in the air are combined with sebum, causing a chemical reaction Makeup club The result is acne If you live level of impurities is very high, place it on a solid facials, eg, By means of the sonic toothbrush, and the respective cosmetics Customize also used the cream to the weather – if there is heat, use light creams, while dry and cold climates attitudes on solid moisturizing

Chin and jaw

The culprit of acne appearing mainly on the jaw line and chin is usually stress The best cure is so slow down a bit and try to find a moment to relax every day You must not under any circumstances or squeeze pimples! The cause of acne on the chin is often also poor diet – especially rich in simple sugars and carbohydrates Eczema source having a bad diet are usually red and itchy So let’s reduce sugar in the diet, and “white” to replace healthier products, wholegrain