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Use or throw away? Is the expiration date on the product is the really important?

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Use or throw away? Is the expiration date on the product is the really important?

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Use or throw away? Is the expiration date on the product is the really important?

A lot of people know that cosmetics as food, have their expiry date, few people it works and even less applicable to it. This is a mistake. If you are a person whose “injury” throw standing on the shelf for over a year open face cream, guided by the principle of “useful heels,” you can be disappointed. Such a cream – not only useful for the smoothness of your piętom, but still can seriously harm you. The same applies to the two-year mascara, face powder few years in the annual shower gel. As you poison outdated fondant, you will poison the old cream. Why?

Expiration date and PAO

Preservatives in cosmetics only work for a certain time, the stability of active ingredients also ends. When? European standards specify that cosmetics must withstand 30 months. This time is measured from the product leaves the production line for its use. If the shelf life is shorter, the manufacturer must state so. PAO (Period After Opening) or the validity of cosmetics after opening. PAO is a drawing of the jar, and under it the number of months (6M, 12M, 24M) above which, when opened, cosmetics should not be used. But not always the case. Sometimes we do not find any information concerning. The validity of a cosmetic, eg. The sprays, cosmetics or where there is no contact with the air of cosmetic substances. Typically, cosmetics withstand such a period as is specified on the package, but on condition that you open are stored properly. In addition, the PAO is not based on any research, it is just a safe buffer. Diagnosis and cosmetics is still a good time to be us. Any change in color, texture, smell, act on the skin necessarily mean that cosmetics should be discarded. The fastest perishable include cosmetics with a high content of water. Very important it is also how you use the cosmetics and how to store it. Hygiene use and proper storage can significantly prolong his life.

How to use cosmetics

That’s how long it will retain its cosmetic properties, depends not only on its composition, but also from that, how you use it. Observe hygiene Otherwise, bacteria, molds and yeasts or their spores from the air, our skin and clothes to get cosmetic, where they can begin to develop intensively, and is a simple way to spoil the substance, which after all has nurtured. It is already known examples from beauty shops, where samples and testers cosmetics fingers imposed by the client discovered the habitat of bacteria more dangerous than the public toilets.

harbor bacteria more dangerous than the public toilets.

To reduce the number of microorganisms is transmitted during application of a cream, use a spatula, a brush applied lipstick and eye shadow brush or sponge. If doing makeup, we are accustomed to use your fingers, do not forget about washing hands earlier.

Spatulas, sponges puffs, brushes and similar applicators must be regularly cleaned at least once a week with soap and water or with a few drops of baby shampoo, then rinse well.

How to store cosmetics

Cosmetics should be stored in a dry place, away from heaters, radiators or the sun. Under no circumstances we leave them open too long. The exact closing cosmetic protect it from drying out or dust. Fridge is also not the best place for holding creams or lipsticks – low temperature can adversely affect the components therein. Pay attention to how it is stored in a cosmetic store – is not standing on the overheated lamps shelves or has been pulled from the show. Also avoid purchasing cosmetics kiosks overheated in the summer or the winter stands wyziębionych bazaars.

Buying cosmetics “in reserve” is also not a good idea. Past due but not opened, cosmetics can cause irritation and even cause skin disease. When the cosmetic evaporate water contained therein preservatives will be much more concentrated, and therefore more harmful. Outdated ink Mascara can cause conjunctivitis, stored for months cause eczema cream, shampoo and expired invitation dry dandruff on the scalp.

Cosmetics opened spoil quickly. This is largely due to oxygen. Cosmetics containing fatty substances, begin jełczeć, other microbial growth occurs. The speed of these adverse changes mainly depends on the conditions in which we store cosmetics, but also on how much to let the manufacturer has added preservatives, ie. chemical protective.

Which cosmetics go bad quickly

Cosmetics with a large amount of water which is a good habitat for micro-organisms, such as creams, foundations and mascaras or formulations with the active ingredients, eg. Proteins deteriorate quickly. Durability longer retain anhydrous cosmetics, eg. Pressed eye shadows, blush or roses. Also cosmetics with UV filters should be used within one season. As a result of exposure to the sun or packaging high temperature filters can lose their protective properties, which is why we should use cosmetics for tanning with UV protection in a single season. Its properties also lose self-tanning with dihydroxyacetone. After a few months of opening preparation tan will not be as intense and uniform as in the beginning.

Not only does the date look and smell

Whether or cosmetic is still suitable for use, for example, you can evaluate. After his appearance and smell. On the surface of the broken Lipsticks are usually formed crystals or water droplets or oil. It may also change the taste or smell. Color shampoos, lotions and liquids make-up remover fades and appears on the bottom sediment. Creams and sleepers delaminate, moldy, and change color and smell. After pressing the tube first flows generally water or oil, and then appropriate cosmetic. Nail polish is thick and difficult to apply on the nail. In turn, the mascara dries, capturing on eyelashes pelleted and the background leave streaks on the face STYLEMAKERS.

The approximate periods of validity of cosmetics after opening:

  • Mascara – 6 months
  • primer – from 6 months to a year
  • lipstick – from 8 months to 2 years
  • nail polish – six months to a year
  • shampoo – year
  • self-tan – year
  • cream with UV filter – 1 season
  • face cream – from 3 to 6 months
  • Cream for hands / feet in a jar – from 6 to 9 months
  • Cream for hands / feet in a tube or dispenser – 2 years
  • lotion and body lotion – 6 months
  • powder, rouge, eye shadow in stone – 3 years
  • powder, rouge, eye shadow cream – 9 months
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